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The Wakeful curates today’s most incisive journalism about Black women in a weekly newsletter and on social media. We strive to highlight and amplify the most informative and compelling stories from the week that you might’ve missed.

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The Wakeful envisions a world where the news of Black women is integral to the global media landscape, reflecting their true stories, experiences, issues, influence, and impact. We aim to be the premier platform where this news is not only sought and shared but is also pivotal in shaping cultural understanding. Our commitment is to a future where every Black woman's story is heard and valued.

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The Wakeful founder Patrice Peck is a Black woman journalist and storyteller based in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. She was previously the senior opinion editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine, a columnist at MSNBC, and a culture writer and editor at Insider and BuzzFeed.

Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, Vogue, ELLE, New York Magazine, Marie Claire, Wired Magazine, Elle, and more. Learn more about Patrice here.

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Founder of The Wakeful newsletter. A journalist covering race, culture, and identity since 2010.